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Climbing Chalk Bags

Designed for a Magical Chalking Experience™. Back in 2011, when we designed our first chalk bag with a Zippered Pocket, it was an innovation. We wanted you to keep your mind not on your belongings, but on your climbing route, knowing your ID, ring, key are safe with you at all times.

Nowadays seeing more and more brands include pockets in their designs, it seems to be contagious, or as they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.


"Handgasms5 stars - I am satisfied with this product. The plush interior was so nice that I felt sorry that I had to fill it with chalk. My dry, tattered hands always look forward to reaching into the pleasuring chasm of this sack of goodness. I will recommend this chalk bag throughout all the ages.

"Good bag, gets job done- Great bag, fills my needs. Nice soft lining helps avoid excess chalk on fingers when using loose chalk."

"Buy for a magical sensation during chalking  - A good high quality bag. Made with a good hard cloth material so it is durable enough to throw around the gym or the rock/ dirt/ sand floor. The inside is lined with a nice soft Faux fur lining which makes chalking a quite magical experience. I would definitely recommend this bag to all climbers new and old to the climbing life."

"The felt inside feels good after a long day of climbing as the fingers...This is one nifty bag! It holds my chalk and the tape in the outside zip. The felt inside fells good after a long day of climbing as the fingers are already screaming out in agony. Love the colour and love the overall feel of it. Also, it is quite soft in the sense that if I fall on it and it is fastened to my waist and positioned near my tail bone, it feels like a soft plushy toy getting squished, so I didnt feel any risk of injury in that sense!"