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Featured Ambassadors

two Ogres Ambassador AlishaAlisha Kali Shakti teaches yoga throughout Orange County and leads 200 hour teacher trainings with Cloud Nine Yoga. She loves a good physical challenge, so when she’s not practicing handstands in yoga class, she’s usually rock climbing. She’s found that climbing is a perfect complement for yoga, as it forces you to focus, breathe mindfully, and constantly face your fears. Alisha loves to travel and dreams of teaching yoga all across the globe. Her other loves include dancing, swimming, spending time with her dogs and her boyfriend, and cooking tasty vegan meals. ( ● ●

Gif Zafred Two Ogres Ambassador Gifis a rock climber based out of Pittsburgh, PA. He considers the New River Gorge in West Virginia his "second home" and spends as many weekends as possible enjoying the perfect sandstone the Southeast has to offer. His website,, features gear reviews, trip reports and vlogs, training, and technical tips.  As a mechanical engineer, he looks at all gear from an analytical and detailed perspective, and prides himself in detailed gear reviews.  What once started as a simple outdoor pursuit transformed into a passion due to the technical, mental, and physical challenges rock climbing provides. ( ● ● ●  

two Ogres AmbassadorMike Manuel is an adventure enthusiast who can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest. Whether it's bouldering, sport climbing, splitboarding, or mountaineering, he is always searching for the summit. Mike grew up in San Francisco, but moved to the Seattle area for work after graduating from Cal Poly. It was in the PNW that Mike would becoming entrenched into the adventure community as a bouldering rat, splitboarding junkie, and snowboard instructor. Although he may spend his 9-5 as an Aerospace Engineer at Boeing, exploring nature one mountain at a time is his true passion. ( ●

two Ogres Ambassador RileyRiley Grimes climbs in Garrett county MD. He works at the adventure park as a ropes course monitor in the summers and Ioves to climb in his spare time. He climbs for Garrett College Adventure Sports Institute and represents two Ogres.  (  ●

two Ogres Ambassador ShaleeShalee Blackmer is a 22 year old adventurer from a small town in the Midwest. Her passion is running a blog teaching young adults to travel on a budget and find happiness is nature. Count her in for spontaneous road trips, mountain climbing, and rock climbing. She lives for exploration and the unknown, and thinks being comfortable is boring. Her life motto is "I draw the line and death and jail", and she tries to live up to it as much as possible. ( ●  ●