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Located in San Francisco Bay Area, California, we create simple, fun and functional products for your adventures. It all started while shopping for climbing gear, with one simple question – why spend so much money on an ordinary rock climbing chalk bag? Often seeking a safe place to stash small items such as an ID, ring, key, while climbing, our goal became to create an affordably priced, good chalk bag with a Zippered Pocket!

We put together the requirements for a high quality, functional bag in a simple design and brought it to life with two Ogres. Our chalk bags quickly became a favorite among young climbers, becoming the number one best seller among major online retail stores. Lately, seeing more and more brands including pockets in their designs, we can’t help ourselves but think that this whole pocket thing must be contagious, or as they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Our bags have evolved a lot ever since, and we are continuously expanding our product portfolio, so stay tuned! We welcome any feedback, questions and suggestions. Please contact us at