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Joe's Dog Treat Pouch with Belt, Waist Clip and Drawstring

  • Simple open and close through drawstring
  • Includes adjustable belt and plastic waist clip - use it as a waist or shoulder bag
  • Super light weight and sturdy design
  • 5 inches tall and wide enough for one hand to fit
  • Easily fits a tennis ball

Joe's Treat Pack provides you with easy access to your dog's treats everywhere you go. Make sure your dog is rewarded while walking, training, and playing!

This bag gives you options to carry it the way you want. Through the adjustable belt (included) you can use it as a waist bag or shoulder bag. Or simply use the plastic clip to attach it to your belt or pocket. You can even attach a carabineer (not included) to one of the belt loops.

Fits a tennis ball - in case you want to use it to carry your pet's toys with you. This high quality and functional bag is brought to you by two Ogres.

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