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How to Pick A Chalk Bag

May 18, 2016

How to Pick A Chalk Bag

Chalk Bag seen in image: Basique v2

You are just getting into climbing, first you wanted to try it out, rented the gear at your local gym. But then you have decided you enjoy climbing and you will stick to it. Now it is time to buy your own gear. Perhaps climbing shoes, a chalk bag and some chalk to start with?

When it comes to chalk bags, you will notice there are so many different designs to choose from. In this post, we covered some of the basic features to help you pick the right chalk bag. 

Closing - First of all get a chalk bag with a good closing, you don’t want to loose chalk and especially not end up with chalk all over your climbing gear bag.


Wearable Chalk Bag or Bucket Chalk Bag?

Wearable chalk bags are the ones that come with a waist belt and you wear them on your waist, so that your chalk is with you throughout your climb. You can easily slide the bag along the belt for easy access. As an alternative to using the belt, you can attach a chalk bag to your harness via a carabiner, just make sure the bag has carabiner loops or belt loops.

Bucket chalk bags are not intended for wearing. These are super large chalk bags for placing on the ground and dipping your hands in prior to bouldering. Also a great way to share your chalk with your fellow climbers.


Wearable Chalk Bag Features

Sizes - Small bags are ideal if you don’t have big hands and don’t want to carry along lots of chalk and a bulky bag. Larger bags are perfect for accommodating big hands and climbing longer routes with a larger chalk supply.

Brush Holder - If you are intending to carry a climbing brush with you for cleaning the holds for a better grip, then you need a bag with a brush holder.

Storage - Ideal to keep your small items, such as ID, ring, key with you at all times while climbing, so that you can keep your mind on your climbing route and not on your belongings.

Rim - A stiff rim will ensure the bag stays open at all times so that you can easily dip in your hands.

Interior Lining - Fleece lining will hold down the chalk dust.

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