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A Guide to Basic Yoga Terminology

June 08, 2016

A Guide to Basic Yoga Terminology

If you are new to yoga and reading or hearing a lot of words you are not familiar with, wondering why people on social media call themselves yogini, shakti, then check out this list covering basic yoga terminology.

Yogi Person practicing yoga.

Yogini Female person practicing yoga.

Asana Yoga posture or pose.

Ashram Retreat for yoga teachings and learnings.

Chakra One of seven centers of spiritual energy in the human body.

Mantra Sound or syllable repeated during meditation to help with concentration.

Namaste Greeting used to mark the end and beginning of a yoga class, meaning “I bow to you”

Om Mantra used during yoga.

Prana Life energy.

Pranayama Breathing control used during yoga.

Shakti Divine feminine creative power.

Shanti Peace.

Vinyasa Flow between yoga poses.


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