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5 Running Apps To Get You Ready For Your First 5K

October 28, 2015

5 Running Apps To Get You Ready For Your First 5K

First of all congratulations because of your courage to try out something new! And of course we are not talking about trying out escargot here, running a 5k requires regular training, which means commitment. But don't worry, registering for a race provides enough motivation, you have a goal, you have a deadline, so keeping the commitment will be easier than you think.

More good news, 5K is only 3.1 miles!

Whether you have never run more than a mile, or you are a couch potato, nowadays there are many interactive training programs available through mobile apps that will get you up to speed within a couple of months. Here are our favorites:

These apps will get you into interval training programs; short, intense runs, followed by equal or longer duration walks for recovery. So, no one is expecting you to run a 5K, or not even 1 mile the first week, you will get up to speed over the weeks, slowly and adjusting. Voice cues will guide you through your run, instructing you to start running, to stop running, or just walk. All you need is to have your mobile phone with you. Most phones, including the iPhone 6s Plus fit into the two Ogres running hydration belts, by wearing one you can listen to your app while running and stay hydrated at the same time. You will see for yourself that figuring out where to stash your phone, keys, water while running is a big problem! 

And finally, when race day comes, your training will pay off and you will feel the joy of finishing your first 5K! Hooray!


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