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Reward your Dog Using a Dog Treat Bag

July 02, 2015

Reward your Dog Using a Dog Treat Bag

Rewarding your Dog with treats is a great way to teach him commands or reinforce his good behavior. 

One important thing to consider is to reward him with the treat immediately after his desired action. If you wait and reward your dog later, he will think that you are rewarding him for some other behavior.

As an example, if you take him out for a walk and you are trying to house train him, give him a treat immediately after he finishes up. Not while he is still eliminating, and not after he is done and starts playing with something else. Rewarding him while he is still eliminating can cause him to stop before being finished. Similarly, if you are trying to teach him a command, for example the “sit” command, reward him while he is still sitting. This will help him associate the reward with the right behavior.

Since timing is crucial, it is important that you have your dog’s treats available immediately at a easy to grab location. A dog treat bag will provide you with easy and quick access to treats. There are plenty of dog treat bags on the market to choose from. two Ogres offers Joe’s Dog Treat Pouch, on top of the durable, ergonomic design, we made sure it’s cute and that there are several options to carry the bag - it can be used as a waist or shoulder bag. 

two ogres joe's dog treat bag wearing options

Keeping the doggie treat bag somewhere handy and out of reach for the dog, will make it easy to grab going out and will prevent him from getting to the treats on his own.

In addition to the food treat, a short verbal praise such as “Good Boy!” will be helpful to acknowledge your dog’s good behavior. 

If you don’t have luck training your dog through rewarding, you can always try other methods, or get help from a professional dog trainer.

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